She Sleeps!

After 9 months of continuous night wakings my sweet baby has FINALLY started sleeping through the night. The change happened at the same time she FINALLY started eating her meals. It has only been two nights in a row, but I am still excited!!
Sweet Liv has never been a great sleeper , but since she doesn’t take a bottle and I could never be sure how much milk she was actually receiving, I never felt comfortable letting her ‘cry it out’ because, she might have been hungry!! (the exception is the few times we let her cry close to bedtime when she awoke less than an hour after last nursing- and never for longer than 5 minutes) 

When she was 5/6 months we started trying to give her baby food, she wouldn’t eat anything we tried giving her. At 7 months, we went to the pediatrician who said that some babies just don’t like baby food because it is boring and lacks texture, flavor, etc. That night I gave her black eyed peas (not mushed) from the cafe down the street and she ate every bite! problem solved…or so we thought, until two weeks later she decided that she would only eat the things she fed herself and she wasn’t going to touch anything mushy or slimy, which meant the only thing she would eat was bread, crackers, and a little cheese….ugh!!After two boys who would eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING you put in front of them, this was irritating!  This was the time when she literally became an ‘all night nurser’. She slept in the bed with us and had an all access pass to the milk. And she took advantage of it! I stopped looking at the clock (so I wouldn’t go insane) and I suprisingly got used to it. As long as she wasn’t awake and wanting to play, I could pretty much sleep through her nursing.  

Finally, she decided that she would start using her hands to eat the egg yolk we fix her in the morning. Then…,maybe she’d try a green bean or two, bits of apple seems okay (Mama’s feeling better now- protein, vegetable, fruit are getting into that sweet little belly!) And virtually, overnight her aversion to touching mushy squishy things went away and she has started eating the food we give her- hooray! Her first night to sleep all the way through the night was the first night she had eaten all 3 meals of the day!

In addition to the long awaited sleeping through the night, she has also started walking! My big girl….

****update: I was wrong……she slept through the night twice and that was it. last night 10/21/2011 she was up almost every hour. I’m sleepy.

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One Response to She Sleeps!

  1. JennRob says:

    So proud of her and SO HAPPY for YOU!!! She makes me want a little girl…

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